Sustain Human Serum AB (HT)

Catalog # HS-101       100mL  |  $379*

Sustain Human Serum AB (HT) is collected from healthy male donors of the AB serotype at FDA-licensed facilities in the United States. This material is defibrinated from source plasma AB using human thrombin (HT) instead of bovine. This is important when used for clinical research when regulatory issues are a concern. All donor units are tested for viral markers and found to be non-reactive. Human serum from type AB donors lacks antibodies against the A and B blood-type antigens. Human serum AB is commonly used when there is the need to minimize immunoreactivity.

• 0.1µm sterile-filtered
• Mycoplasma and virus tested by FDA approved laboratory
• Ships on dry ice
• Store frozen at -20°C to -10°C
• Free Heat inactivation

*Volume discounts available.

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