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Fetal Bovine Serum

Our FBS products are organized differently than most other manufacturers. We simplified our offerings with product quality only as shown in table below. The exact pricing is dependent on the supply/demand for country of origin.

CategoryGradeHemoglobin (mg/dL)Endotoxin (EU/mL)
CornerstoneResearchAs reportedAs reported

We offer many FBS serum origins to fit almost any country and budget. Because of government regulations, not all FBS is available in every country. Here is a general country eligibility, but we encourage you to contact us to discuss your situation.

Sustain Human Serum

Phoenix Scientific’s Human Male AB Serum is a proprietary product manufactured with human or Bovine thrombin in a cGMP facility. It lacks antibodies against the A and B blood type antigens, preventing reaction with cultured cells (specifically if the cells are destined for therapeutic use).

ProductCatalogAnticoagulantClotting Agent
Human Serum ABHS-100YesBovine Thrombin
Human Serum ABHS-101YesHuman Thrombin
Human Serum AB Off The ClotHS-200NoNone
Human Serum – MixedHS-300YesHuman Thrombin
Human Serum Mixed Off The ClotHS-400NoNone

Human Male AB Serum is the serum of choice for:

  • Tissue engineering
  • Transplantation of T-Cells
  • Cell therapy applications
  • Cell line tested for PBMCs, bone marrow, CD9, CD3 and CD33.
  • Recommended for use in biomedical applications involving human cells.

Please contact us to discuss your regulatory situation.