Human Apo Transferrin Powder

Catalog # HA-600      100mg | $129

PhoSci Human Transferrin is offered as a lyophilized powder in both Apo (iron-free) and Holo (iron-saturated) forms. Serum transferrin facilitates the transport and uptake of iron cells in culture.

Human Transferrin is a plasma protein for iron ion delivery. Human Transferrin is a glycoprotein with homologous N-terminal and C-terminal iron binding domains. Transferrin (TF) is related to other iron binding proteins including lactoferrin. When human transferrin loaded with iron encounters a transferrin receptor on the surface of a cell, it binds to it and is consequently transported into the cell in a vesicle. The cell will acidify the vesicle, causing human transferrin(TF) to release its iron ions. Each human transferrin molecule has the ability to carry two iron ions in the ferric form (Fe3+).

Our Iron-deficient, apo-transferrin, Cat # HA-600, is commonly used to supplement culture media that are formulated with elevated levels of ionic iron, such as DMEM.

• Ships ambient
• Store refrigerated at 2-8°C

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