Fish Serum – 10 mL  |  50 mL  |  100 mL  |  500 mL

Catalog # FS-300  Catfish
Catalog # FS-301  Sturgeon
Catalog # FS-303  Rainbow Trout 
Catalog # FS-304  Carp

Fish serum is becoming more popular in cell culture applications that use bovine or other mammalian sera, and for applications where these sera are ineffective or unsafe. There has been proven success in the use of fish serum to grow fish cells, though it is not yet used extensively due to the fact that fish serums may need to be customized to each cell line.

At Phoenix Scientific, we offer 4 different US origin fish serums to meet the most stringent requirements for a variety of cell culture applications ranging from blocking buffer, FBS replacement to cultured meat/seafood production. Fish serum is phylogenetically distant from mammals, which are the source of the antibodies and samples used in most experiments, its serum proteins are less likely to have specific binding interactions with proteins used in the experiments.

Areas of research include: Cell based meat and seafood R&D, Fetal Bovine Serum alternative, Mammalian cell culture, Fish nutrition and metabolism, Aquatic health management, Mitogenic activity from fish embryos, Infectious hematopoietic necrosis, and as a Blocking buffer.

  • Choose from Carp, Catfish, Sturgeon or Trout
  • Aseptically collected in the US
  • Available as Whole Blood upon request
  • Custom age requests also available
  • Ships on dry ice
  • Store frozen at -20°C to -10°C

*Volume discounts available.

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